Volunteering is a cornerstone of PAGE and The Super Saturday Program. The program is run by parents who volunteer their time and talents to serve the gifted children of the Cincinnati area. Overall, it is a big job and the rewards are countless. All parents are asked to contribute to the success of this program. Here are some of the ways in which you can help:

In The Program

If you want a job with a title, our President would be happy to speak with you. As a growing program there is always a need for additional committed volunteers. Please email us and ask how you can become more involved. Volunteering is fun and extremely worthwhile for everyone involved.

Open Positions:

Assistant Campus Operations Manager: This volunteer assists the Campus Operations Manager each Saturday during classes, starting at 8:30am.  The assistant helps with room access and signage, equipment, supplies, set up, clean up, and assisting parents and students find their classes.

Assistant Teacher Coordinator:  Teacher Coordination is best performed by two volunteers.  This team is responsible for all teacher related issues, including recruitment, orientation, training, documentation administration and problem resolution.  Communication is critical in this are to ensure that teachers are informed of teacher related policies, procedures and expectations.

Parent Events Coordinator: This volunteer is responsible for providing presentations/speakers for the parents during the Saturday classes.  The mission is to educate and enlighten parents as to the special needs of gifted students.

In Class

Every class must have at least one parent present at all times, in addition to the teacher. With hands-on classes, many teachers need multiple adults to assist with the children. On the first day of class, the teacher will have a sign-up list for parents. Each parent is expected to volunteer to assist with at least one class during a session.

The teacher will also have a sign-up list for parents to bring drinks for the children during one class. Parents are also asked to contribute in this additional way.

On Campus

The team of volunteers who run The Super Saturday Program is amazingly small, typically approximately 10-15 parents. Because these parents also have children in classes, it can be difficult to tend to every need on campus. If you see an opportunity to lend a hand, please do so. Some people give directions, some help make coffee in the Parent Hospitality Room and others help as teachers ask (some classes require additional parents to be judges or to help out in other ways). Please consider this as your program, and get the whole family involved!