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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in doing more with the program?  

Volunteer opportunities are available for 2018-2019.  Current open positions include: Assistant Campus Operations Manager and Assistant Treasurer.

Contact CEO, Mark Dillon, or President, Gina Baldwin, to learn more.

2018-2019 Classes


  • Regular Registration: 9/2/18 – 9/22/18
  • Late Registration: 9/23/18 – 9/29/18
  • Session Dates: 10/13/18 – 11/17/18


  • Regular Registration: 12/2/18 – 12/22/18
  • Late Registration: 12/23/18 – 12/29/18
  • Session Dates: 1/5/19 – 2/9/19


  • Regular Registration: 1/27/19 – 2/16/19
  • Late Registration: 2/17/19 – 2/23/19
  • Session Dates: 3/2/19 – 4/6/19

Registrations mailed during the late registration period should include the non-refundable $25 late fee (maximum $50 late fee per family). Returned checks will result in a $20 fee. Checks should be made payable to “The Super Saturday Program” and sent to this address: PO Box 43385, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243.

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Would you like to Teach?

We are always on the lookout for great teachers to provide unique and interesting classes for our students.  We are looking for people who are engineers, artists, makers, science geeks, professionals, or amateurs.  Passion for the subject is the key.

If you would like to teach for us, please visit our online registration site.

The process is fast and easy.  We look forward to hearing from you!